24 going on 60


What is this feeling that I feel at 2 o’ clock in the morning? When I am the only one awake in my home..  A kind of nostalgic feeling, like I am an old woman looking at her life with feelings of love and bittersweet sadness. I allow my mind to wander and my heart to feel all things at this time…

I realize I really do feel love for all people I have ever met… Those who stay as well as those who are no longer a part of it. (At least not physically) 

I feel sadness for those beautiful memories I have, those moments in which I was blessed to have connected with even just 1 soul. Sharing red-faced laughter ..or maybe tears as we have a moment of understanding a painful experience in which until up to that point-we had thought we were alone in feeling. These memories are just that now- memories. It begs the question…what is life? Is it nothing but a collection of memories?. The beauty, is that we get to choose these memories that we will look back on some day. Will we look back on pain or love? I see both. For without one..the other ceases to exist. We cannot know deep love without deep pain. From the pain, is an opportunity to have empathy for another’s pain. We must always use our struggles to help the next person.. What are we here for in this life, if not for each other?

I find life to be beautiful. There is light to be found even in the darkest of places. Search it always. Search that love in your heart. Search that love in your brothers and sisters hearts. Some day you may look back on your life and be surprised at the feelings that surface in the depths of your soul… We are all here for a reason. Let us live that…in which has compassionate love for all people. We may not all get along always, but we must love each other. Love creates paradise. We can create that in each moment with one another.




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I have decided to finally start a blog. I figured I write in my journal enough why not do it online? I’ll introduce myself…

My name is Tricia Helie and I am 23 years old. I live in the United States. I have a deep need to understand others and myself and what life is all about. I love talking with people on deeper subjects that go beyond our day to day lives.. I believe we are here for so much more than what we are taught. This blog is essentially just me expressing my thoughts and feelings from my own experiences in life. I think we can all learn from each other and I hope to come across other similar bloggers who have a deep yearning to search for the answers of what this experience we call “Life” is and what we are all doing here. So here is a “hello” to whoever is reading this, I appreciate you giving your precious time to me… I hope to be acquainted with you. 🙂